School-Based Traineeships & Apprenticeships (Colac, Geelong & Victoria wide)

April 28, 2015

School-Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships

What is a School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT)?
A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship is a training contract between an employer and an employee (student) in which the employee learns a Nationally Recognised Qualification whilst at school. You must be a minimum age of 15 years and enrolled in secondary school.

A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship combines:Learning
• Part-time paid practical experience in the workplace 1 day per week
• Formal, structured training with a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
• Your school studies

A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship may also give you credit
towards your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate
of Applied Learning (VCAL).

What VGTC look for in a SBAT

VGTC look for all of our school based employees to portray our organisational Trademarks.

Highly Professional
We expect you remain highly professional in your employment

You must make the most of your time and learning experiences
both in school and in the workplace

Reliable & Honest
You must be reliable and honest both at school and in your
employment e.g. be punctual

Lead the way in your chosen career and following your dreams

Benefits of a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship

There are too many to count!
But here are just a few:
• Get paid to learn
• Try out a career
• Gain a nationally recognised qualification
• Results go towards VCE or VCAL
• Potential to gain full-time employment
• Hands on experience in a real job

See here for more information on School-Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships and don’t forget to check out our School-Based Guide Booklet while you’re there.

Or contact us today!  We have office in Colac & Geelong but service the state.