6 Things To Do Before Starting Your New Job

December 21, 2016

Starting a new job can be daunting, it takes us back to a childlike state just like our first day of school. 

Will my work colleagues like me, do I need to get a bus then a train to get there on time, what am I going to wear!? The truth is some of these stresses can be eliminated by making sure you are super prepared for your first day in your new office. Have faith in the fact that many candidates went for the role but you are the one they wanted, you secured this job all on your own and within a day or two you will make friends, find the local cool lunch spot to hang and look back in a few months at your first day jitters and realise they were nothing more than the first day toward your new life!

  1. Make sure you have handy your tax file number, bank account details, ABN and ID. Usually HR will walk you through the office and introduce you to everyone. They will then seat you and give you your forms to fill in to ensure you are paid, being prepared with the above shows your employee that you are on top of your game and we all know that first impressions last!
  1. The week before you start your new job take the time to get yourself to your new office using public transport, make sure you know which method of public transport you are using, what the timetables look like, where you need to board and depart and what time you will need to wake up to ensure you aren’t late to your first day. A trial run will do you the world of good and take any of the guess work out of how to get to your new place of work. If you are driving the same applies, how long will the journey take in peak hour, where will you park when you get there? Preparation is key people!


  1. Ensure you are looking sharp on your first day of work, it shows that you not only care but that you are taking your new job seriously. I’m sure most of you are fashion savvy and understand the difference between business attire and party dresses but it is essential you are well groomed and dressed appropriately for your first day and every day really. Top tip for the ladies, if you plan on wearing heels in the office pack some flats in your handbag for the commute to and from work. Blisters are not our friends.
  1. Get the right gadgets to boost productivity. The most important tool you will always have on you is your smart phone which you will use for anything from accessing information, calendar reminders for meetings and accessing emails while on the go. Buy yourself a charger to keep in the office so you are always contactable and ready for anything your new employers throw at you.
  1. Buy a workbook or diary to keep track of your tasks and to-do lists. This was life for me in any jobs I have had, I would write down every morning that days to do list then strike them off with a pink highlighter when they were done. We are human, we forget things the best way to track everything is to write it all down. If your boss calls you in take your workbook with you and write down the tasks they give you then and there, the workbook is also great to have come review time as you can remind yourself of the tasks and things you have done for the whole year.
  1. Make sure you get a good nights sleep before your first day and project high energy.

Show enthusiasm when meeting your new work colleagues, shake their hands, make eye contact and do your best to remember their names. Body language is also a huge one, make sure you sit tall and stay off your phone for anything personal while at your desk. You are the new kid on the block that day and people will show interest in you and what you are doing so make sure you leave a positive, lasting impression. 

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