About Victorian Group Training

Victorian Group Training started from humble origins in 2004 as Group Training Organisation in Colac and Geelong. Then-founding directors Paul McCallum and Rod Cartwright saw the need for a quality group training organisation, one that provided a clear path to apprenticeships and traineeships for job seekers and employers.

We’re extremely proud of our business and where we’ve come from. We started out with very little and have grown to become a respected member of the group training industry and one of the largest providers of apprentice jobs, traineeships, and school-based apprenticeships and traineeships in the state. It gives us great satisfaction that we establish and offer apprenticeship jobs and traineeship jobs that can set people up for life.

We are industry experts at Victorian Group Training and pride ourselves on being transparent and open with all our clients. Understanding all that goes with apprenticeships and traineeships can be difficult, for both an apprentice and an employer. But our friendly team keep it simple so you know exactly what to expect and what options you have. Best of all, we’re happy for you to contact us in our Colac or Geelong offices with any questions you have.

Corporate Vision 

Victorian Group Training’s vision is to be the strongest representative of a Group Training Organisation within the Geelong and Colac region, delivering apprenticeship and traineeship services to a high standard. Our goal is to remain a leading provider of traineeship jobs and apprenticeships in Victoria, while continuing to meet the needs of our customers and new clients, adding value to their businesses.

Victorian Group Training will develop a strong, effective voice of labour interests in the Colac and Geelong region, particularly those which represent and support apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

Our trademarks

  • Highly professional
  • Leaders
  • Efficient
  • Reliable and honest