Financial support for apprentices, Victoria

Living away from home allowance

The Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) is for eligible apprentices of any age during the first three years on an apprenticeship if they are required to move away from their parents or guardians in order to take up the apprenticeship.

The allowance is available for those undertaking full and part-time apprenticeships and school-based apprenticeships. To determine your eligibility or apply, you will need to submit a LAFHA form. The Australian Apprenticeship Centre can assist you with this or contact Victorian Group Training for more information.

Support for adult apprentices

The Support for Adult Australian Apprentices initiative (SAAA) provides financial support to any eligible adult apprentice or their employer, funded through the Australian apprenticeships incentives program. The purpose of the SAAA is to remove barriers for any adult apprentice and to encourage up-skilling by adult workers through apprenticeships.

Who is eligible for SAAA?

To be eligible for this adult apprenticeship funding an apprentice must be aged 25 or over and commencing an apprenticeship at level III or IV in a trade which has a skills shortage. Contact Victorian Group Training for more information.

Trade support loans

Trade support loans are loans paid in instalments to people undertaking apprenticeships. The loan can total up to $20,000 over four years. They are intended to assist an apprentice with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship. Eligible trade apprentices may apply or opt-in for regular instalments according to their needs.

How do trade support loans work?

Trade support loans assist eligible apprentices with everyday costs while they undertake their apprenticeship. The program provides apprentices with up to $20,000 as an income contingent loan, compared with the Tools For Your Trade payments that ceased on June 30, 2014.

Who is eligible for a trade support loan?

A priority occupation’s list identifies the occupations and qualifications that are eligible for trade support loans. This list includes certificate III or IV qualifications leading to certain priority trade occupations that currently appear on the national skills needs list, as well as a number of agriculture and horticulture qualifications at the certificate II, III and IV levels.

This list is the same occupations and qualifications that were eligible for tools for trade payments. Contact Victorian Group Training for more information.

Support for apprentices with disability

Apprentices with a disability and their employers may be eligible to receive additional assistance. A range of assistance is available to support an apprentice with a disability, including the Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support scheme, which is paid to employers. There is also assistance for apprentices needing tutorial, interpreter and mentor services.

This assistance is intended to help an apprentice with a disability reach their full potential as a skilled worker and to ensure they are not excluded from participation.

Contact Victorian Group Training for more information or visit the Australian Government’s apprenticeship website for more information on the financial assistance available.